Conservatives push back against tax increase for road improvements

("I-69 Construction Indiana" by ITB495, Public Domain)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Conservatives are pushing back on a roads plan that includes a number of tax and fee increases to pay for infrastructure improvements.

Representatives from groups like the Indiana Family Institute and Americans for Prosperity say raising taxes shouldn’t be the solution. They suggest using existing funding sources or focusing on immediate road needs.

The proposal by Rep. Ed Soliday was approved in the House but Republican senators have been less enthusiastic about the prospect of increasing taxes.

The measure includes a new $15 vehicle registration fee and a gas tax increase of at least 10 cents per gallon. It also allows the state to seek federal authority to impose roadway tolling.

A legislative panel heard testimony Tuesday and is expected to vote on the measure at a later meeting.


  1. I wish I could just take money from Hoosiers whenever I feel like it! Even if I just squander it everywhere but where it is needed. I wouldn’t have any bills for sure. Or would I? Holcomb is worse than your average Democrat. He just keeps going for more and more money from us. Does anyone remember how great Indiana was touted to be during the Presidential election? Wow! in a few short months Holcomb would have you believe that Indiana’s infrastructure is the worst of 50 states and there is no money for road work…No more mention of the 2 billion dollar surplus that we had when Pence was Governor. Interesting….Holcomb may be the worst Governor we have elected in a long time.

  2. Never mind those Republican party planks of LIVE WITHIN YOUR BUDGET or DON’T RAISE TAXES. Sheesh these people win an election and think they can all start taxing and spending like drunken Democrats.

    How about this? Follow your parties platform and do the hard work of spending our money wisely…on those things required not just nice to have, or easy.


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