Indiana Statehouse employees could be allowed to carry guns


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Legislative employees could carry guns as they go about their duties at the Indiana Statehouse under a measure that is advancing.

Sen. Jim Tomes‘ bill was heard Wednesday in a House committee where many lawmakers spoke favorably of the measure.

The Wadesville Republican says employees work late hours and often leave after armed police are gone. He noted a shooting on Statehouse grounds late one Saturday night in January.

The measure applies to employees of the House and Senate, as well as the Legislative Services Agency.

Democrats say there could be unintended consequences should an employee leave a gun unattended in an office or desk drawer.

A similar bill cleared the Senate last year but wasn’t considered by the House. A vote on the bill is expected next week.


  1. Here we go again…Passing a law to bypass a law that constitutionally can’t be a law anyway. Oh, and only for themselves. No worries about the general public leaving work (where guns are not allowed) in the dark, alone at night…What a joke.

  2. Are sometimes so small they can’t be seen…or are going the wrong way.

    Now we’ll have to see what happens to Constitutional Carry in this summer study group.


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