South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg opposes state bill regarding landlord liability

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg was quick to lend his voice to city leaders that oppose a bill in the Indiana Senate.

The bill would block South Bend and other cities from holding landlords liable for problem properties, and in effect abolish the South Bend Chronic Nuisance Ordinance.

Mayor Buttigieg took to Twitter Tuesday morning and called the legislation the “latest example of states tying the hands of cities.” He further said “Federal vs state power is not the only part of federalism that matters. Much of the action is with cities & towns, and how states treat them. Local control should be a bipartisan premise, but states don’t always allow cities to manage local affairs as the community sees fit.”

The bill would allow tenants to be fined instead of landlords for excessive police activity at a property. It now moves to the House Judiciary Committee but hasn’t yet been scheduled for a hearing.


  1. This is a question of Nuisance law….it has NOTHING to do with a crime. Of course a landlord is responsible for a nuisance that he has created, by continuing to allow bad tenants from ruining a neighborhood. If this bill passes, the City should IMMEDIATELY file a federal lawsuit, to prevent it from going into effect!! The City has to get AGGRESSIVE about protecting our neighborhoods, or soon there will be nothing left !!

  2. Yet another example of the powerful lobbying group for those who rent properties. This is a blow to homeowners who for most their home is their most valuable asset. The idea that someone can buy a property, and rent it out, without regard to the effect it has on surrounding neighbors is a tragedy.

    If this trend of increasing rental properties continues the future of cities will be in jeopardy. There will be no one restoring old homes, the cities will go to ruin and the crime rates will sky rocket.

  3. The city is already in ruin. It has been ruined by leftist policies and the unions that drove jobs away. The mayor should be looking to law enforcement to remove those elements causing issues in the city but that would be eliminating his voters.


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