Realtor reportedly raped while preparing to show house in Elkhart

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

A local realtor preparing to show a vacant house in Elkhart was reportedly raped in the basement of that house.

It happened Thursday at a home in the 1500 block of North Olive Street, according to ABC 57.

Elkhart County Board of Realtors President Tom Canarecci says he hasn’t heard of anything like this happening in the community before, and it’s forcing realtors to take safety measures.

“When something like this happens it makes us double down our efforts,” Canarecci told ABC 57’s Sara Rivest. “This is making us take a look at what we’ve done in the past and how we can improve it. We’re going to get together and talk about safety and how we can better implicate the tools and the safety techniques.”

Officials say there aren’t any suspects yet, nor is there a possible description of the rapist.


  1. Self defense, it is a right and a responsibility. Take it seriously or you may suffer the consequences.

    • You know what else is a right and responsibility? To not rape people. Getting raped isn’t a “consequence” anyone should suffer for not being able to defend themselves. Yes, people should be able to defend themselves, but more than that, people shouldn’t commit crimes against other people. The problem is the criminal, not the victim.

      The only person in this story who needs to face consequences is the rapist. Hopefully he’s caught and thrown into prison. This is awful.

      • Think,

        I agree the responsibility for the crime is the criminals.

        While no one should have to suffer this consequence, consequences happen in the real world we live in, not the one we’d like to. We should all strive to not be a horrible example for others to learn from.

      • I am sure the rapists are reading this and thinking, {Oh it’s my responsibility not to rape} So I guess I wont do that again. Fools. Defense against human animals is the only way.

  2. Thanks,

    It is wild how people with no point to make or possibly thought to contribute jump on any opportunity to engage in name calling.


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