Elkhart man arrested in connection to 2016 shooting

(Photo supplied/Elkhart County Sheriff's Department)

Elkhart County Sheriff’s Deputies have made an arrest in connection with a 2016 shooting.

21 year-old Angelo Reynolds was arrested Wednesday on charges of criminal recklessness and robbery causing bodily injury, according to ABC 57.

On January 17, 2016, one of two people in a home on South 9th Street was shot in the chest through the door while in the process of opening it after the shooter had knocked.

Reynolds admitted to police that he and another suspect had intended to rob the victim for money and drugs with a stolen gun, according to court documents.


  1. WTF? Where is the attempted murder charge? I guess he didn’t intend on killing anyone? Why else would you shoot people chest high through a door? Our courts are seriously F’d up!


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