Wakarusa dealing with building that’s too big for just police, but too small to add city hall


It’s the classic Goldilocks conundrum: it’s too big, it’s too small, and city officials in Wakarusa are looking for a solution that is just right.

Wakarusa officials would like to renovate the former downtown Key Bank building, but city officials feel it’s too big for the city’s police department, but too small to accomodate both police and a city hall.

The building has 9,000 square feet, which city officials feel is too vast for a police department. However, there needs to be a “buffer zone” between a police department and public offices, and the space needed to create that zone means the building is too small for both.

The Elkhart Truth is reporting that it’s likely the building just houses the police department. A plan on re-configuring the building is expected to be revealed at a later date.


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