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Plan to make part of Lake Michigan a federal sanctuary met with mixed reviews

There’s discussion about part of Lake Michigan becoming a federal sanctuary, but not everyone who lives along its shores likes the idea.

A meeting in Manitowac, Wisconsin Tuesday discussed the possibility of the federal agency NOAA turning a 1000 square-mile stretch of the lake into a sanctuary.

WeAreGreen Bay.com reports that the stretch of Lake Michigan in question is home to 37 shipwrecks, and therefore a lot of history is sitting on the lake’s floor. Sanctuary status would allow NOAA to help with scientific research that Wisconsin is undertaking with state-employed underwater archeologists studying the wrecks.

But many are opposed to the idea. Judith Pearlman of the “Lake Michigan Is Not For Sale” group in Wisconsin told WeAreGreenBay.com that the move would add layers of regulations and fees, as well as requirements for putting up something along the lake like a dock.

It’s up to NOAA itself now to determine if Lake Michigan will get the designation, and then Wisconsin’s Governor would have to review the recommendation. He has supported the idea in the past.

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Goverment control = Tyranny August 30, 2017 at 3:10 pm

Once the government claims ownership…everything changes for the worse. It will go as far as houses have to be 500 yards from the water or you will need approval to walk on the beach. How stupid are we to let this happen?

Hey, we're in debt here! August 31, 2017 at 11:14 am

Given enough reign almost any government agency will become tyrannical. We are living in the tyranny of the bureaucracies. The Feds own enough…too much! We don’t need yet another expansion of a gov agency and it’s power over the citizens.


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