Trend of millennials buying fewer homes impacting Elkhart County


Elkhart County is struggling with a trend that is impacting much of the country: Most young people aren’t buying homes.

Young homeowners are scarce in Elkhart County as millennials are opting out of home ownership. Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce President Kyle Hannon tells ABC 57 that while true, that isn’t the real issue.

Hannon’s concern is that if they suddenly do decide to buy a house, will Elkhart County have them available?

He feels the study by New York-based Gavop, which looked at home ownership rates for all age groups from 2009 to 2015, misses the mark in Elkhart County by not looking closely at the low inventory of available homes.

Hannon believes the problem needs to be fixed sooner, rather than later, especially as the county tries to attract new talent to the area.


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