Granger residents upset with county leaf pickup program

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

It seems every year in December, St. Joseph County residents grow frustrated with the leaf pickup program. This year is no exception.

Piles of leaves at least three feet high lay waiting for pickup at Granger’s Sherwood Forest neighborhood. Those piles are now covered with snow and there’s no plans on those leaves being picked up anytime soon.

Barbara Bennet has lived in the neighborhood for 18 years and tells ABC 57 she’s furious.

“Where are we supposed to put these leaves? The county was supposed to take care of it for us. We want to know what happened,” says Bennet. “It’s a hazard I think It’s a safety hazard for drivers, for people who walk, so it really needs to be taken care of and this is all over St. joseph county. I know it’s not just our subdivision.”

A scheduled pass by GreenWorld through the neighborhood was scheduled, but it never happened.

Their website also states it doesn’t provide interviews or comments to reporters, referring the issue to county commissioners…who also have yet to respond to the leaf pickup problem.



  1. From what I have heard funds are a problem for this program. So instead of getting furious and raising your blood pressure why not bag them and set a few out at a time for your trash hauler to take away?

  2. I live in Ireland Woods on the south side of South Bend. Leaves were scheduled to be picked up Dec. 1st but of coarse were not. We also have piles of leaves all over the streets. Now some have been plowed into the snow and other on cul-de-sac’s are just snow covered. I pay $4,000 per year in property tax but can’t get my leaves picked up? If we were permitted to burn leaves this would not be an issue. Not only did we not get our leaves picked up…yard waste that we pay separately to have removed was also not picked up. Last scheduled day was Nov. 30th and they never came. Why do we pay for a service that we do not receive? Because it is local government run it is of coarse a mess as it is every year.


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