GOP Indiana Senate candidate weighs in on Kavanaugh claims


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Republican Indiana Senate candidate Mike Braun is weighing in on sexual misconduct allegations made against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who is President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

Braun tweeted Tuesday that he supports Senate Judiciary committee Chairman Chuck Grassley’s call to review the claims, which Braun characterized as “11th Hour” allegations against someone with a “sterling” record and “outstanding” personal reputation.

Christine Blasey Ford, a psychology professor at California’s Palo Alto University, recently came forward, alleging Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a party when both were teenagers — a claim Kavanaugh denies.

Since then, Republicans have decided to hold a hearing Monday where both will testify.

Braun is running in a tight race against vulnerable Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly, who on Monday called the allegations against Kavanaugh “serious.”


  1. The DemocRat playbook is not very thick. Anita Hill, a liberal activist, came out the week of the Judge Thomas confirmation and accused him of sexual assault. She was proven to be a liar and he was confirmed.

    Now Christine Ford, a liberal activist, comes out the week of Judge K’s confirmation and does the same. She is trying not to have to testify…because lying to the committee could bring her jail time.

    The DemocRats are just a bunch of lying cheating scoundrels.


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