UPDATE: Proposed pay raise for South Bend Police officers tabled


UPDATE: The South Bend Common Council voted to table the proposal to give raises to South Bend Police officers after the measure sparked protests on Monday, June 8. One demonstration took place in front of City Council President Tim Scott’s home. The other took place in front of the County-City building. The only councilman to push against tabling the raise proposal was councilman Jake Teshka. He says the officers deserve the raise.

The following Common Council bills have been delayed:

  • Bill No. 21-20- Amending Salary Ordinance No. 10682-19 has been proponed Indefinitely.
  • Bill No. 12-20- Citizen’s Police Complaint Board Ordinance has been continued to the June 22, 2020 Common Council Meeting due to more Council discussion.

ORIGINAL STORY: The South Bend chapter of Black Lives Matter is protesting ahead of the South Bend Common Council meeting on Monday, June 8, regarding the expected vote regarding a pay increase for South Bend Police.

South Bend Common Council President Tim Scott and the South Bend Common Council are expected to consider the vote on approving a pay increase in police salaries.

(Photo supplied/South Bend Black Lives Matter)

The pay hike was proposed by South Bend Mayor James Mueller, in light of officers’ work in the midst of the pandemic.

The group says the council’s willingness to consider directing money to the department that has a record of officer misconduct and controversy in the midst of the nationwide protests is out of touch.

A protest took place in front of Council President Tim Scott’s home this morning. Another protest is happening this afternoon at the County-City Building.


  1. I know that teachers (and the SBCSC?) were asking for more pay on the basis that higher pay draws better teachers. Wouldn’t that logic also apply to police?

  2. Everyone can see our new mayor for what he is…spinless, gutless, leftist, socialist, brainless…Not a leader. Just a follower of leftist radical morons. No common sense whatsoever. I’m moving back to Mishawaka where they have Mayor Wood who is a leader and not a follower and does have common sense!


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