Black Lives Matter-South Bend issues statement following Common Council President Tim Scott’s resignation

(Photo supplied/South Bend Black Lives Matter)

Over the weekend, South Bend Common Council President Tim Scott resigned from his position as 1st District Representative, as well as President of the Council.

This comes after the organization, Black Lives Matter, held a protest in front of his home demanding he vote against the police pay raise bill last week.

DETAILS: South Bend Common Council President, 1st District Rep. Tim Scott resigns

Black Lives Matter-South Bend has issued the following statement: 

South Bend, IN-Black Lives Matter South Bend Chapter coordinated a protest on Monday morning at Tim Scott’s residence on Forest Avenue to pressure Tim Scott to vote against the police pay raise spending bill; to draw attention to his Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) ties and his call for more policing in his district last year; and to highlight the continued assault of the program started by Scott and Pete Buttigieg called “Vacant and Abandoned Properties.” Black Lives Matter rallied around the abuse, especially in the first and second districts, that showed clear disparities in targeted demolitions and takings of properties in parts of the districts that are predominately Black.

“Today marks the start of a new era for our communities of color, one where we stand up and demand that immediate action is taken to stop the abuse of communities of color in South Bend” said Jorden Giger, organizer with Black Lives Matter.

End of the Beginning

This has been a hard-fought battle beginning to expose what has been allowed to happen for the last 25 years here in South Bend. Starting with the appointment of now Judge John Broden (who also selected the Special Prosecutor in the case of Eric Logan) from a Council position to being elected in the State Senate, where he caused legislation to be enacted that created the framework for what became the “Vacant and Abandoned Housing” program. South Bend has relied on white male political control that allowed this inner circle to implement new statutes and change the law in Indiana and that action has disproportionately targeted poor communities of color.

What seems to be lacking in their understanding is fundamental. The crimes happening in South Bend are largely crimes of poverty. Until we address opportunity for our people we will never be successful in turning the tide.

Over the last 25 years, South Bend political leaders (on the Council, School Board and all elected positions) and their aligned backers, including former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, have aligned with a push out strategy, with the police serving as a weapon to more forcibly and pointedly target residents. Today, now we have the podium and your attention, we propose that a hand up rather than a hand-out is what we are seeking. That starts with moving forward projects that are aligned with our ability to provide opportunity.

Today we celebrate as the largest opponent to those opportunities still in office, who we personally witnessed pushing his and his backers societal agenda of clearing the poor and Black communities for new development, has resigned. Three years have passed since others finally stood up despite the consequences, and today we say, “Welcome to the end of the beginning, but we are just getting started.”

Black Lives Matter — South Bend has created a central point of the Black voice in South Bend to push through the darkness and finally be heard. Our movement gained momentum out of the senseless killing of Eric Logan when Pete Buttigieg held the national spotlight. Now as Tim Scott witnessed we are many and we won’t be silenced by the tactics of the past in targeting our jobs and employers and through intimidation where no one would speak up. We are here to stay and we will keep exposing the past and pushing for new opportunities for our residents.

In Solidarity,

Black Lives Matter-South Bend

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Blah, Blah, Blah...Stop crying and fix the real problem. June 15, 2020 at 10:26 am

What a load of Crap! BLM ison the same level as ISIS and needs to be abolished…When will these people take responsibilty for there own demise? No one can fix their problems until they fix themselves. Start by working on morals and values. Teach men how to be a husband then a father and have an actual family dynamic. That is the difference in a nut shell. I want the abuse of white people by black people to stop! It is not a white/black problem. It is a cultural difference that white people are tired of paying for.

Tim Scott ImNot November 14, 2021 at 1:32 pm

Wow. This readers reply sums up the need for change in South Bend. How can a profound political statement be responded to with whitewashing and the tired etiquette of the 1920s…well “welcome to South Bend” and thanks Pete Buttigieg for putting the heartland of hate back on the map.

The reality is this…once Love admonished hate…as is fearless walked through a curtain of fire 🔥 , you can say nah nah nah…I’m not listening all you want…but God 🙏 who is Love will always reward the fearless. ☮️

Thor June 15, 2020 at 10:34 am

You will be made to care, you will be made to agree. Chairman Mao would be proud.

Daily Show Prep: Monday, June 15 - Casey Hendrickson - Radio Talk Show Host June 15, 2020 at 5:53 pm

[…] Black Lives Matter-South Bend issues statement following Common Council President Tim Scott’s … […]

Charles U Farley June 17, 2020 at 10:09 am

So the people who commit “largely crimes of poverty” know best how to end poverty? Better than the people who aren’t committing crimes of poverty? Enough better than things will improve if they ran the show?

Call me skeptical.

Tim Scott ImNot November 14, 2021 at 1:41 pm

Please do some research on what keeps cycles of poverty going…and answer how is that all you got out of this? Why do white readers (assuming) from South Bend (or the region…again assuming you are) read this and the first response is skepticism…because over policing and marginalizing has worked? So many studies have been done on this but I’m amazed at the only seeing what I want to see…do you see how you have been raised has impacted your views? Maybe the same could be true for the marginalized?

Unfortunately we follow what we know more than what we don’t. It’s human nature and it’s part of instinct but it’s not part of Change…

cap June 17, 2020 at 6:59 pm

Mr. Giger started a non for profit so he could get handouts. He needs a mentor like Denzel Washington watch his videos on You Tube. Poverty is not a license or badge to commit crimes. Grow up and applaud and support young blacks who succeed in academics, avoid committing crimes, and end up living better lives, that’s what matters.
It starts in the home, look in your mirror for the real you.

Tim Scott ImNot November 14, 2021 at 1:52 pm

Wow…So a young black man can’t get educated, give up a job and come back to his community to be persecuted and continue to be threatened and work for pennies then be controlled by those that he hoped were on his side…get persecuted and threatened more…then finally be given resources he didn’t ask for…then use those to create a bridge to a national organization to finally make a new future for his community…and then to be persecuted some more by all these comments…and all without pay…

I had the pleasure of being the one that helped this young man when he needed it the most and I can tell you he may be a zealot (as often great civil rights leaders are) but he’s not a beggar and he’s not doing this for a handout…he did it because black men are treated like trash in South Bend, the City where he was from before he went to college and became educated…and the City he hopes will one day be an example of how the extreme parts of hate in this county can finally see new passion in creating opportunity for the least, new respect for those not respected and opportunity that growing up as a black child was never even an option in front of him.

Hope you find love in your heart to see the world differently some day.


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