Dr. Box trying to set record straight about COVID-19 death numbers

(Photo supplied/State Of Indiana)

Indiana has had more than three-thousand coronavirus deaths, and the country has had more than 180-thousand. The state health commissioner says claims that it’s a lot less are “absolutely incorrect.”

There’s been online speculation for weeks that the death toll has been inflated with people who died of something else. That speculation got a burst of wider attention this week when President Trump retweeted a blog post claiming the true national death toll is closer to nine-thousand. That prompted both the Centers for Disease Control and Indiana health commissioner Kristina Box to explain that’s wrong.

Box says the claim stems from a misunderstanding of CDC data, which show 94-percent of coronavirus death certificates show other contributing causes of death. But that’s just a reaffirmation of what Box and other health officials have warned for months: people with underlying health conditions are at greater risk from coronavirus. Box says a death certificate will list those contributing causes but says conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes don’t mean it’s not a death due to coronavirus.

In one high-profile illustration this week, the announcement of Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver’s passing listed not only COVID-19 as his cause of death, but complications from Lyme disease, which he’d had for nearly 30 years, and dementia, from which he’d suffered for seven.

Box says Indiana has been even more rigorous than other states in reviewing death certificates and lab reports before adding to its tally of coronavirus deaths. She notes the state has separately reported more than 220 deaths which local doctors are confident are COVID-19 deaths based on symptoms and scans, but where there’s no lab test to confirm it.


  1. What it means is it’s time the folks who are more susceptible to this virus should stay home. It is up to them to stay well. The numbers do mean something. That it doesn’t fit the scary narrative they have been pushing, isn’t my fault.

  2. Lets twist the truth again! CDC said only 9120 people died from COVID alone. More people died last year from the flu alone. However we didn’t shut the world down. This has been the biggest lie to the world EVER. And it needs to STOP NOW! I will not trust a word they say. Just like I told the kids lie to me and it’s going to be a long time before I trust you again.

  3. At this point in time the curve has been flattened. She and the feckless governor keep tailing about “cases” as if those are hospitalizations or deaths. But they are not. Over 99.5% fully recover. Only certain people with co-morbidity are in extraordinary danger from the cornyvirus and should take care to stay isolated. As time goes on we hear more reports of false positives and positive results for people who are not tested in the first place. They are making it all up to support a narrative of tyranny against a free people.

    Dr Box, No one is listening to your crap any more. Besides, I object strenuously being used as a pawn in the re-election campaign of the governor.


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