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Dr. Kristina Box updates Indiana’s fight against COVID-19

Dr. Kristina Box delivers updated COVID-19 information, Sept. 30, 2020. (Tommie Lee/MNC)

Indiana’s top health official, Dr. Kristina Box, says COVID testing sites around Indiana are reporting a drop-off in testing.

Wednesday, Dr. Box said all the availability in the world does no good if people don’t actually get tested. She said this will hurt Indiana in the long run and people need to get tested, but some might be afraid to get tested because they might have to isolate.

Box added that nearly 75% of initial contacts are successful in terms of contact tracing, and warned people to be on the look out for possible scammers. Contact tracers will never ask for bank info or social security information…just about who you’ve been around, and where you’ve been.

Also, Indiana’s school COVID dashboard went online Wednesday, but Dr. Box warns that it’s a work in progress and there has been some duplication in the work that is being weeded out of the site.

Dr. Box says there were 253 new positive cases reported this week among Hoosier students, for a total of 1,676. There were also 52 new cases among teachers and 71 among school staff, bringing those totals to 335 and 343, respectively.

Box also said Wednesday that the CDC has classified low, medium and high risk activities. She urged people who have tested positive for COVID-19 or think they might be to not participate in activities and get tested if they haven’t done so.

She also said she didn’t want to be “the witch who ruined Halloween,” but she also doesn’t want COVID to spread during the holiday.

Box stressed that her recommendations are state-guidance, and Hoosiers should look to their local public health officials to make their own decisions regarding Halloween.

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