Elkhart PD set to carry Narcan

("2017-07-23 19.47.05" by Tyler, CC BY 2.0)

Police officers in Elkhart could soon begin carrying Narcan, a drug that in most cases can reverse the effects of an overdose and save lives. The proposal made by Assistant Chief Chris Snyder is something that the department had considered before, but at the time the cost wasn’t manageable. The department will partner with Oaklawn, who has agreed to supply the treatment and replace the supply as necessary.

The new policy requires that all employees be trained in using Narcan, and officers are going to be carrying only one dose each. The Elkhart Truth reports those doses will be replaced if an officer is required to use it. Nearly half a million people in the US died from overdoses over a ten year span.

The board of Public Safety approved the measure with a 4-0 vote. Read more here with the Elkhart Truth


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