Vote of “no confidence” in Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins fails, virus spikes on campus

(Photo supplied/University of Notre Dame video capture)

A vote of no confidence in University of Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins was voted down by the school’s faculty Senate Thursday night.

The body of over 40 faculty members at Notre Dame had been considering the vote after Jenkins was seen mingling in close proximity with several people in the White House rose garden during and after a nomination ceremony for the Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, a former Notre Dame law professor.

Jenkins was not wearing a mask or practicing social distancing, which are rules that are enforced on the campus of the University of Notre Dame. Many called Jenkins a hypocrite over it. Jenkins was diagnosed with COVID-19 a few days after the White House event.

Jenkins has apologized multiple times since then and released a video to students the hours before the vote on Thursday.

“As you may know, cases of COVID-19 are rising in our nation, in Indiana, and here in St. Joseph County,” he said. “In this time if increased cases, we must recommit to wearing masks, maintaining physical distancing, washing our hands daily, and doing our daily health check.”

Though the faculty senate voted down a no-confidence resolution, which would have called on Jenkins to resign as the president of the school, they did pass a resolution voicing a “vote of disappointment.” It means they recognize his actions at the White House were wrong and that they acknowledge his apology.

“You do not want to put yourself, your friends, or your colleagues in isolation with COVID-19 for Thanksgiving instead of being home with family and loved ones,” added Jenkins in his video to students. “We don’t want a successful semester to end with a major stumble.”

Campus is open for in-person learning at Notre Dame right now, even though there have been 158 new coronavirus cases in the past seven days, according to the school’s dashboard. The last time numbers were that high on the Notre Dame campus, Jenkins moved classes online for two weeks.


  1. When will the people of this country finally tire of the self righteous moralizers and cancel culture denizens who get all up in arms when someone does something they disapprove of. Is it still a free country or have we devolved into 1984? Jenkins was probably infected by some at ND anyway.


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