Brookings Institution: Indiana has too few good-paying jobs

Indiana has too few good-paying jobs, says a new economic study by the Brookings Institution. The suggestion from that study is that Hoosier companies need to get more digital.

“$36,900 per year in terms of pay, so about $37,000 a year with employer-paid health insurance. That is what is described as a good job,” said Gerry Dick, with Inside Indiana Business.

He said the state’s rural areas are affected the most. He said the new study covers all 92 counties.

“For the first time some of these smaller areas, the less-populated areas around the state, they’ve got data now that they can use to perhaps address the situation.”

Dick said Indiana is number three in the country for advanced industries jobs, jobs that have to do with manufacturing and science and technology. But, the state is still handicapped.

“Those industries have been losing productivity for more than a decade because there’s not enough investment in technology in the State of Indiana. That’s one of the key findings in the report,” he said.

Dick said some positive news from the study is an indication that Indiana is doing better than many other states in recovery from the economic difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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