Holcomb vetoes legislation relate to local governments and health emergencies

(Photo supplied/Governor Eric Holcomb)

Governor Holcomb vetoed a bill Tuesday that would have made it harder for local health officials to create more stringent emergency orders than the state.

The measure would have also allowed elected leaders to reverse local shutdown orders.

In his letter to the State Senate, Holcomb said one reason Indiana has done well during the pandemic has been its state and local leaders striking a careful balance between the needs of people and the economy.

The governor says that flexibility is important, and the legislation would have undermined local responses to future public health emergencies.


  1. Lame duck politicians are NEVER good for their constituents, and Holcomb cannot run again in 2024. (Indiana limits Governors to 8 years out of every 12.)

    What we are witnessing is a stellar example of why term limits are not an absolute fix for our political woes.

  2. Thank you Gov!
    LaPorte county Health Dept wants to keep us masked up, apart and limited in public settings. I’m all for the Gov’s reason to limit local Health Dept from being more restrictive than the State on this issue.


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