The 17-year cicadas prepare to invade Michiana


They’re loud, they usually live underground, and they’re due to show up in our part of the country soon. The 17-year cicadas are due by the end of the month.

If you think all the online is hype is just hyperbole, get ready for the beady little red eyes and the bugs attached to them to show up all over Michiana.

The Brood X bugs are expected to climb out of the ground once it hits around 65 degrees, according to ABC 57 Meteorologist Maci Tetrick. More than a million bugs per acre can appear after the bugs crawl out from under the trees. They’ll then lay their eggs in the trees and the hatchlings will fall to the ground and burrow under the trees for another 17 years.

Mammals and birds will be feasting on hatchlings and mature bugs.

They’re expecting even more of the noisy visitors further south in Central Indiana, where the winters haven’t been so harsh. Officials say the bugs aren’t dangerous…just spooky-looking, and loud.



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