South Bend woman convicted of murdering baby son dies in prison

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A South Bend woman serving time for murdering her baby son has died in prison.

Nayesha Crockett, 27, died while behind bars at the Rockville Correctional Facility, reports WNDU.

Back in 2016, Crockett was found guilty of murdering her 11-month-old son and putting her 14-month-old daughter in a coma. She was sentenced to 80 years.

The Indiana Department of Corrections has not said how Crockett died.


  1. Wh6 didn’t she just hand her kids over to a Hospital or Church Clergy!!! Anything’s better than murder by Mama’s hands!!!!

  2. C’mon Man!! We know the answer as to lack of information in this so called “news story”. Most likely murdered by another black person so fake news doesn’t like telling us when that happens. Only is suitable news when white kills black. Black killing black can’t work in the narrative of the fake new propagandists.

    • It is CLEAR to me this woman had mental health issues! Regardless of the imprisonment issue AS a punishment, NOT for punishment, was her MH ever addressed? Our CJ system is flawed on so many levels and it is sad for all involved for two possibly all three deaths could have been prevented. Somebody has to have noticed this woman had issues!

  3. Lol. Rockville isn’t about that life. I can tell you, absolutely, that she wasn’t murdered… by anyone, of any race… unless she killed herself.

  4. People in jail or prison don’t take kindly to people that kill their kids. They can’t see their own kids and would do anything to see them. This doesn’t surprise me. If someone is facing life it’s a free for all, if they want to kill they will.

  5. 1 less evil in this world.
    Vengeance be mine, sayeth the Lord

    Fly High Innocent Beautiful Angels 🙏♥️🦋

  6. She probably killed herself. Which is what she should’ve done instead of harming her babies. They tend to isolate ppl who hurt children to keep them from being killed in jail.


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