Sen. Braun explains stance supporting no commission to investigate January attack on U.S. Capitol


There will be no commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol for now. A vote on proceeding to debate on the commission was blocked in the Senate by Republicans, including senator Todd Young of Indiana. Sen. Mike Braun did not vote, but explained his stance.

The vote was 54 to 35.

The six Republicans who joined with Democrats in favor of the commission were Lisa Murkowski, of Alaska; Rob Portman, of Ohio; Ben Sasse, of Nebraska; Bill Cassidy, of Louisiana; Mitt Romney, of Utah; and Susan Collins, of Maine.

Those who breached the Capitol and committed horrific acts of violence on Jan. 6, must be prosecuted, and all steps must be taken to prevent future security breeches and protect the men and women who protect the Capitol,” said Braun.

But, Braun said he has confidence in the investigations by the FBI, which have resulted in over 400 arrests, including the arrest this week of a man from southern Indiana, who was ID’d with the help of surveillance footage and a tip that he bragged about being there.

“My Appropriations Subcommittee is digging deep into what the Capitol Police need to do their jobs safely and the Architect of the Capitol need to do to prevent future attack,” he said.

Braun said he believes the commission would “exploit this tragedy for political gain”.

Braun made similar comments during a Q & A with reporters

“If you keep it out there and you try to belabor it with a commission that was highly political in nature, it means you were trying to capitalize in a political way on it,” he said.



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