2nd suspect sentenced in Elkhart torture murder

(Source: https://goo.gl/apvBBL/ License: https://goo.gl/VAhsB)

The sentence is life without parole. 22 year old Donald Owen Jr. was handed his sentenced on Thursday, after more tearful testimony and an apology directed to the family of Kimberly Dyer.

The Elkhart Truth reports it was ultimately Judge Michael Christefeno’s decision to uphold the life without parole conviction the prosecution had been seeking, despite statements from the family that they wanted him to have another a “second chance” at life.

Earlier this month one of his codefendants Matthew Murzynski was given 60 years in prison. 20 year old Mario Angulo Jr. will be given his sentence June 24th.

Christefeno partially because earlier testimony indicated Owen Jr. made the call to take Dyer’s life. You can read more HERE with The Elkhart Truth


  1. Why the generic photo instead of the booking photo? Is there something about this convict that you don’t want people to see?


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