Walorski criticizes Biden withdrawal from Afghanistan

("Noble Partner 2017" by U.S. Army Europe, Public Domain)

Representative Jackie Walorski released a statement Friday about the Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Congresswoman said the Taliban is quickly gaining control under the Biden-Harris Administration’s watch. She says while she supports a strategic approach to bringing the troops home, Biden’s foreign policy is “empowering terrorists and giving up hard-fought land.”

“Under the Biden-Harris Administration’s watch, the Taliban is quickly gaining ground and amassing power in a trend that will undoubtedly endanger our national security and imperil the fundamental human rights of women and children in Afghanistan,” Congresswoman Walorski said. “While I support a strategic approach to bring American troops safely home and end this war, President Biden’s foreign policy is empowering terrorists and ceding hard-fought victories. This chaotic withdrawal is a disservice to the courageous service members from Indiana and across the country who have honorably served and sacrificed throughout the War on Terror.”


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