Kroger: Organized crime partly to blame for rising food prices


You may have noticed that you’re paying more at the grocery store for food and supplies.

Kroger says that theft and “organized crime” are playing a big role in the reason why food prices have jumped over the last few months.

In response, Kroger says they are being “more aggressive” in their approach in dealing with trade associations to negotiate food prices.

Meanwhile, IU economist Kyle Anderson doesn’t refute Kroger’s claims about organized crime being a factor, but says staff shortages are probably playing a much bigger role than most people realize.


  1. It couldn’t be the printing of TRILLIONS of dollars out of thin air, it couldn’t be that the government is PAYING people to stay home and not work…. I guess you could say that it is organized crime aka 95% of government

    • Exactly this. Rising prices across the board, all courtesy of the Fraud-in-Chief, his supporters, and the RINOs who let him steal the election.


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