Joe Donnelly sworn as as ambassador to Vatican

(Photo supplied/U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly)

It’s official: Former Senator Joe Donnelly has been sworn in as our country’s newest ambassador.

The Indiana Democrat and Notre Dame alum, who lost his seat to Mike Braun in 2018, was sworn in Tuesday as the new ambassador to The Vatican.

University of Notre Dame President The Reverend John Jenkins gave a blessing to Donnelly as he was sworn in to represent the U.S. in The Holy See. The U.S. Senate approved Donnelly last month after President Biden nominated him in October.

Donnelly served most recently as a professor of the practice at Notre Dame, teaching courses in American politics, public policy, and leadership.


  1. Well, at least he’s out of the country…still sucking up tax payer dollars though as is his want.

    He was teaching at ND? That’s more than enough reason to not send your children there.

    • “teaching courses in American politics, public policy, and leadership”

      I’m sure those classes were full of actual material instead of leftist claptrap… No, not really.

      Donnelly has always seemed like he should be working at a shady “buy here, pay here” car lot.


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