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Congressman Banks accuses President Biden of weakness in face of Ukraine crisis

(Photo supplied/Jim Banks for Congress)

WASHINGTON–Some Republicans have said they believe Pres. Joe Biden has appeared weak since he’s been in office, and that that image has given Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin license to invade Ukraine. Congressman Jim Banks has gone a step beyond that with his criticism of the president.

The Republican from Indiana’s 3rd District told WIBC’s Tony Katz in an interview at the Conservative Political Action Conference, that he wonders whether the president has been compromised by his son’s dealings in that part of the world.

“What’s missing in all this is Democrats stepping up and saying it’s time to do the right thing, Mr. President and sanction the hell out of Putin and Russia and so far I haven’t heard a single Democrat step up and say that,” he said. “I wonder why Biden is so weak on Russia to begin with. You go back to ore-election, everything we’ve learned that the media and big tech tried to cover up about Hunter Biden’s dealing with Ukraine and in Russia.”

Banks did not offer anything specific that would link Biden and Russia, or Hunter Biden and Russia, but poised questions.

“What do they know about Hunter Biden, what do they know about the Bidens that’s causing Biden to be so weak in this moment?”

Banks said he also wonders what China might know about Hunter Biden. But, Banks, who serves as chairman of the Republican Study Committee, said he believes he is asking a question that millions of other American are asking.

“Why is this president doing the obvious thing that he should be doing, why is he not sanctioning Putin himself, removing China from the Swift banking system?”

The Swift system allows financial transactions between countries to be completed quickly.

“What did Hunter Biden’s business dealings in that part of the world, with China, how did the Bidens get so filthy rich, and why right now, as we find ourselves on the brink of a world-wide disaster, is Biden so weak and not doing anything about it?”

Banks did not make specific accusations in the interview and did not offer evidence of any wrongdoing.

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Earl Mullet February 27, 2022 at 8:18 am

Its good to ask questions….. but now DO something about it.


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