Michigan election officials call for many GOP office-seekers to be dropped from ballot in wake of signature scandal

Image by Juraj Varga from Pixabay

Officials in Michigan are investigating what appears to be a massive fraud effort by five Republican candidates for governor.

The state’s elections bureau recommends striking half of the GOP gubernatorial contenders from the November Michigan ballot. This includes five Republican candidates for governor, including two front-runners.

On Monday a report showed evidence of a massive signature forgery scandal that suggested at least 68,000 signatures on 10 candidate petitions were invalid.

State Police Captain Michael Brown withdrew from the gubernatorial race Tuesday, citing money-hungry independent contractors for the fraudulent names. Front runner James Craig was also affected.

The full list of reports released Monday night can be found by clicking here.




    • Yup. What a con. Pay plants to collect fake signatures and disqualify non-RINO candidates.

      Of course, I’m sure AG Dana Nessel will immediately investigate the alleged fraud, right?


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