Group of senators working on a compromise to pass gun control reform legislatoin

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A group of bipartisan senators in Washington are working on a compromise to pass gun reform legislation.
The package is heavily invested in red flag laws and bolstering mental health screening techniques for people looking to buy guns, specifically for younger buyers between the ages of 18 and 21.
The tentative agreement on the package between 10 Democrats and 10 Republicans in the Senate is on the heels of several mass shootings that have happened throughout the U.S, namely at a store in Buffalo, New York, and a school in Uvalde, Texas.
“My initial reaction was great jubilation,” said Cathy Weinmann, a volunteer with the Indianapolis chapter of Mom’s Demand Action, on WISH-TV. “I am absolutely thrilled that something is being done.”
In a nutshell, the legislation would allow gun sellers to run background checks before selling a gun to access court records of prospective buyers under the age of 21. The federal government would provide funding for school security and community mental health centers as well as incentives for other states to adopt red-flag laws similar to Indiana’s.
Neither of Indiana’s senators is among the group of 20 senators working on the bills. Sen. Todd Young appears to be lukewarm to the idea as he continues to keep tabs on the legislation.
“Senator Young supports these discussions and believes Congress can take prudent steps, including incentivizing states to adopt red-flag laws and bolstering mental health resources, especially in schools,” Young’s office said in a statement.
Sen. Mike Braun is more tight-lipped with his office saying the senator is not commenting on the process.
Nothing on the legislation is set in stone yet. Once it is formally written it will have to go through the legislative process in Congress, which could take some time.


  1. Remember when we valued due process? Red flag laws don’t offer that and leave the process open to bogus claims by pissed off friends, family…or even anonymous people. Bad deal. There needs to be consequences for abuse, at minimum.

    Common threads are there. Previous contact with law enforcement, mental health professionals and psychoactive pharmaceuticals. Those all need to be fed into the NICS system.

    • Or the government.

      “Only white people are racist” leads to “all white people are racist” leads to “racism is a mental disorder” leads to “seize their guns”. Don’t think for a second that “it cannot happen here”, because that’s what the German Jews thought in the 1930’s…


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