IN House passes abortion bill

(Photo supplied/Pixabay)

Indiana’s State House of Representatives passed the abortion bill, Senate Bill 1 (Second Session), Friday afternoon, by a vote of 62-38.

It will now move to the Senate for a final vote, possibly as early as Friday evening.

As the House debated the Bill, protestors could be heard outside the Chamber.

The Bill includes exceptions for rape, incest, fetal anomalies, and dangers to the health of the mother.

Mothers and doctors would be protected from charges for a lawful abortion procedure, but a doctor would lose their license if it was proven that they performed an unlawful abortion.

The earliest a law would go into effect is September 15, pending the Senate’s final vote. The Senate can vote a concurrence, saying they accept the changes, or can send it to a conference committee for a compromise. They can attempt the concurrence vote first and a defeat would not kill the bill.

The Indiana House House Democrats were quick to say on social media that House Republicans had effectively made women “second class citizens,” and vowed to “fight back.”


The state’s ACLU was also quick to reference women as “second class citizens” on social media, as well.




  1. The Democrats and ACLU’s “second class citizens” rhetoric is pretty dumb. The fact that they believe that lie works should tell everyone a lot about what those groups think of their voters.


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