Woman battered in Elkhart church parking lot

Elkhart Police // Alyssa Foster

Elkhart Police Officers were dispatched around 2:08 a.m. on Saturday after reports of a female being battered, hit by a vehicle, and pepper sprayed.

The victim was sitting in the World Harvest Church parking lot when a female she knew pulled in.

The victim reported that the female subject struck her in the face multiple times before driving her vehicle towards the victim and striking her with the side rearview mirror. The subject then attempted to pepper spray the victim.

According to The Elkhart Truth, reports say that the victim got in her own vehicle, but the subject sprayed her through the window, getting it on the victim’s face, on the vehicle and on the victim’s juvenile son who was also in the vehicle.

The subject left the area before police arrived, and, according to the report, she was not located.


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