IUPUI split may bring more out-of-state workers to Indiana

(Photo Supplied/IUPUI)

You may have heard about the plan to split IUPUI in Indianapolis and establish Indiana University Indianapolis. That split may not only result in more biomedical research happening in Indiana, but in bringing in people from out of state to live and work in Indiana.

“For us, this is talent. This brings talent to the region,” said Candice Bineyard, director of Defense Programs at Rolls-Royce, on Inside Indiana Business.

Rolls-Royce is one of many large companies that could benefit from IU’s expansion and continued partnership with Purdue on research. While Rolls-Royce wants to attract talent itself, the benefit might be in attracting people with children who would soon be of college age.

“One of the challenges we’ve had is really honing in and grabbing that talent we need,” said Bineyard. “We’ll have something to really hand our hat on and say, IU has a presence in this city. Purdue has a presence in this city. That’s something that we can market to potential employees that want to come and work for us.”

IU is expected to focus on life sciences and Purdue on technology and computer science once they split, with some joint ventures.

With the combination of both expected to attract companies and start-ups to Indiana, Bineyard sees the possibility for healthy competition for space in Indiana and Indianapolis.

“I’d like to see friction, quite frankly, good friction from others wanting to come in to our state, to our city and fill some of these positions that we have,” she said.

Companies in Indiana are, in some cases, having trouble finding talented people to work.

“That’s what I expect to see, honestly in the next 20 to 30 years. This is the place where we attract talent and where people want to come.”


  1. Rolls Royce would have more people to choose from if they weren’t focused on diversity over qualifications.

    From the DEI portion of their corporate page: “We’re working to increase the diversity of our teams. We have a robust strategy and we’re taking deliberate action to increase the representation of different groups”

    If you hire based on diversity, then you’re not hiring based on talent and you will pass talented people by in the name of diversity. Rolls Royce can put their talent lamentations in the rubbish bin right next to their DEI manifesto. This is a crisis of their own making.


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