Man steals hundreds of dollars worth of meat from grocery store

By Revital Salomon (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A man stole hundreds of dollars worth of meat from a grocery store.

With 34 previous arrests, Adrian Carter went to Aldi on Tuesday. As he was there, Carter filled a shopping cart to try to steal $416 dollars worth of meat.

He tried walking right out of the front door, but other shoppers and employees of the grocery store tried to stop him. They called 911, but police say as the theft was happening, a woman was trying to interfere with them and cause a distraction.

Evansville Police caught Carter laying down to surrender, but before he was in cuffs he ran away. Carter fled for 30 minutes when police found him disheveled and drinking booze.

Tuesday he was arrested for his 35th time and sent to the Vanderburgh County Jail.


  1. My question is does ALDIs even keep $416 worth of meat out on the shelves??? He must have cleaned them out. Two things that keep prices high are Biden and people like this guy.


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