New bargaining agreement to increase pay for Elkhart Police officers

Elkhart Police // Alyssa Foster
The Elkhart Board of Public Safety approved a new collective bargaining agreement to increase pay for Elkhart Police officers.
The bargaining agreement that starts next year and runs through 2025 is between the Fraternal Order of Police #52 and the City of Elkhart for sworn law enforcement. The contract is for 2023-2025.
The agreement includes several changes, most notably in regard to compensation, including an 8% increase in base pay for most in 2023 as well as increases in 2024 and 2025.
An increase in incentive pay for certain specialties, like Evidence Technician and Limited English and Sign Language proficiency,  and an increase in shift pay for afternoon and midnight shifts
and double-time hourly rate pay for officers working overtime at city-sponsored events or working overtime due to manpower issues.
We’ve posted more specifics from the agreement with this story at 95-3 MNC Dot Com.

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