Wetlands advocates meet with Indiana lawmakers

(left to right) Austin Broadwater, Amos Butler Audubon Society member; Cookie Ferguson, Dunes Calumet Audubon Society member; Indiana Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch; Marnie Urso, Senior Policy Director of Audubon Great Lakes; Stephanie Goodrid Lawson, Audubon Great Lakes Board Member; Brian Vigue, Policy Director of Freshwater for Audubon Great Lakes gather for Audubon Great Lakes Advocacy Day at the Indiana Statehouse.

Audubon members, experts, and Indiana residents gathered at the Indiana Statehouse on Monday to urge policymakers to promote a healthy future for birds, wildlife and people.

Monday was Audubon Great Lakes Advocacy Day, and the gathering was intended to advocate for expanded access to renewable energy and protections for wetlands in The Hoosier State.

More than 20 Audubon members and policy experts met with more than 40 lawmakers, including Lt. Governor Crouch, to discuss the importance of the state’s wetland environments. Sam Whiteleather of the Indiana DNR called it “a great day for conservation.”


  1. What kind of mental gymnastics did they engage in to show that increased access to “renewable energy” would help the wetlands? I don’t think fields of solar panels will increase wetland acreage. I don’t think bird killing wind farms promote the healthy future of birds.

    Too bad to see that the Audubon Society has been hijacked by this idiocy.


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