Over one million Michigan residents to have old convictions cleared

(95.3 MNC)

More than one million Michigan residents will have their old convictions cleared soon.

Automatic expungement began on Tuesday, clearing some felonies and misdemeanors.

More than one million residents in total are anticipated to have their old convictions automatically expunged, clearing around 400 thousand of them from convictions altogether.

According to Bridge Michigan, the automatic expungement of certain convictions comes from a law that was passed in 2020 – the Clean Slate Act – which allowed those with some non-assaultive convictions to have them removed from public records.

Some crimes, such as those involving assault, human trafficking, driving while intoxicated, crimes of dishonesty, those punishable by 10 or more years, and those that result in serious injury or death, are excluded from the expungement.


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