Study: Michigan had the highest youth vote turnout in 2022


It turns out Michigan had the highest youth turnout in the country for the 2022 election.

A report from Tufts University’s Circle that shows Michigan had 37% of young voters turn out at the polls in the last election. Michigan was also one of four states to have a higher youth turnout in 2022 compared to 2018.

The national youth turnout was 23%, a five-percent drop from 2018 but much higher than the 13% of young voters who participated in 2014.

Indiana was in the bottom five of states in the survey, with less than 15% of young voters exercising their right to vote.

You can view the complete report by clicking here.



  1. Michigan also had record turnout among dead voters, but their Attorney General Dana Nessel will file criminal charges on you for mentioning that.

    Cleanest election ever!


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