Beacon Health System to cut some medical services, wages for some contract employees

(Photo supplied/Beacon Health Systems)

Beacon Health System is cutting some medical services, as well as wages for some contract employees.


Beacon Medical Group Edwardsburg is set to close on May 30 and Beacon Medical Group Pediatric Endocrinology services will end on July 2nd.


The medical group tells WNDU it’s due to low patient volumes and the need to redirect resources to other healthcare offerings.


Beacon has also notified some of its contract clinicians of pay cuts of $3 an hour to $7 an hour, WNDU reported.


Those cuts come less than two years after Beacon boosted pay for medical workers in the midst of the pandemic.


  1. Guess Beacon lost all that Covid largess. Never expand your services based on government money. What government gives, government can take away. A place like Beacon Health should understand this concept and so should The People when they clamor for ever more money from uncle Sugar. Perhaps Beacon will figure out a way to tap into the big expansion of the health department funding pushed by Dopey Prince Eric the Chinless Wonder of Hoosierland.


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