Sen. Young wins national service award

(Photo supplied/U.S. Senator Todd Young)

Senator Todd Young was honored this week by Voices for National Service.

Serve Indiana congratulated Young Thursday night on being awarded the John S. McCain Service To Country Award for his efforts in Washington DC and his efforts to serve Americans. The award, named for the late Senator, Presidential hopeful, and Vietnam Veteran, has been awarded since 2019 to recognize national service.



  1. How appropriate that Toad Young wins the McCain award. Both are or were backstabbing US Senators selling their votes to the highest bidders. Both men would have been much better off to stay in the military full time rather than harnessing The People with their moneymaking schemes.

    Who Cares?

  2. Why is there a John McCain award in the first place ? That’s like giving the Bill Clinton Award of Ethics this year to Hunter Biden .


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