Nearly 100 have applied, but no pardons yet in 2015 from Michigan governor


By: Associated Press

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DETROIT (AP) — A Bay City man admits he’s made mistakes with three drunken-driving convictions. But he asked Gov. Rick Snyder for a pardon, hoping a clean record would help him regain his driver’s license after years without one.

Joe Lamblin says he’s been dry since 2008 and a “different person.” Snyder rejected a pardon in October, following the recommendation of the Michigan parole board.

There have been at least 92 pardon applications received this year by the parole board, which makes recommendations to Snyder. Fifty-three have been closed with no pardon granted while the others remain open.

Snyder last year cleared the criminal records of 11 people, his first pardons since taking office in 2011. They included the drunken-driving case of a politically connected lawyer who served on a state board.