Retiring IUSB professor to get tattoo to raise money for scholarships

Mike Keen, a sociology professor at IU South Bend, is celebrating retirement by getting a tattoo. He is asking for donations to decide what the tattoo will be and where it will go, and proceeds will go to scholarships for minority students. (Photo Supplied/ABC 57)

An Indiana University South Bend professor is celebrating his upcoming retirement by getting a new tattoo — and you can help decide what the tattoo will be.

For $25, people in the South Bend area can vote for sociology professor Mike Keen to get either the new city of South Bend flag or the IUSB Titan mascot tattooed on his body, according to our news partners ABC 57. Voters can also choose where the tattoo goes: his upper arm, on his ankle, over his heart, on the back of his shoulder or on his buttocks.

“I have a sneaking suspicion I know where it’s going to go,” he told ABC 57 with a laugh.

All of the money raised from the votes will go toward scholarships to help minority IUSB students.

“Quite frankly one of the challenges for everybody, particularly students who don’t have a lot of resources, is tuition,” Keen told ABC 57. “So we think if we can help take away the problem of tuition and help support that, that students can come here, they can focus on their studies and they can take that into the community and benefit all of us.”

Keen will unveil his new tattoo and announce how much money was raised during his retirement party June 23.


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