18 cats who would beat you in a Halloween costume contest

cat halloween costumes
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These cat Halloween costumes are too cute for school — and they’ll definitely win any costume contest.

This ~magical~ creature


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This WonderKitty who will save the day


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This guy who is ~ramming~ over the competition

This guy who would rather bat at a Pokeball than get in one

This kitty who it totally PUMPed


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This lady who isn’t too uni-corny 😉


A photo posted by JenniferLynne (@jlynneo) on

This Harry Pawter


A photo posted by Maddy Stevens (@miss.maddy.makes) on

Why yes, this is the droid you are looking for


A photo posted by Misa (@misa_on_wheels) on



A photo posted by Theresa Regan (@tregs11) on

This kitty in wolf’s clothing


A photo posted by B (@toomanyfeels) on

This presidential candidate we can all support


A photo posted by Helen Freude (@hkfreude) on

This ferocious qt

This guy with the a-peeling costume


A photo posted by Moggles the mog (@mogglesthemog) on

This kitty who is all skin and bones


A photo posted by Sphynx Swag (@sphynxswag) on



A photo posted by Max (@max3fa) on

This o-fish-al winner

This purrrrrrrfect angel


A photo posted by Valerie (@valeriecoon) on

This meowmaid

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