South Bend father kills son following dispute

Christopher Fulce, left, and his son, Charlin Fulce (Photos supplied/St. Joseph County Jail)

We now know that it was a father that killed his son after a shooting Thursday afternoon.

We also know that the shooting victim, 19-year-old Charlin Fulce, died of his injuries, his family told ABC 57.

Fulce was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after his father, 47-year-old Christopher Fulce, shot him after a fight at a home on the 23700 block of Fillmore Road. It’s not known why the two were fighting, though it’s noted the two did not live together.

Charlin Fulce trying to drive away during the shooting, then crashed into a tree, according to St. Joseph County police.

Christopher Fulce was arrested and was initially charged with attempted murder before being booked into the St. Joseph County Jail.


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