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Nine things you can do to your busted March Madness brackets

Let’s face of it, we all can’t be Jimmy The Greek. Or Nostradamus. Or that friend you know who knows everything there is to know about college basketball (we all have one).

However, we can release our frustrations in some creative ways if our March Madness brackets have already been rendered worthless. So instead of just crumbling it up and tossing it in the garbage, here’s some creative things you can do to your failure of a bracket.

1. Light it on fire

Image result for paper on fire gifOk, so we still have some rage issues to deal with here. Some of you find joy in burning things. It’s ok, we get it. It should go without saying, but just find a safe area to burn your brackets into ash. A fireplace or burn barrel (if you’re in the country) would do nicely.

2. Make origami

Image result for origami gif

Now we’re thinking creative. There’s thousands of different origami you can make with paper. Just pick one and get to work. The faster you do this, the faster you can stop hating yourself for picking VCU to go deep because, hey, that’s what they do every year, right?

3. Make a paper wallet 

Image result for hand over wallet gif

This is for those of you who blew it so bad,you literally had to give up your wallet in the process. After you go introduce yourself at a Gambler’s Anonymous meeting, feel free to make one of these…because it might be awhile before you can have the real thing again.

4. Make a CD/DVD sleeve out of it

You still have CDs, right? If you do, relive your bracket failures every time you take out that Chumbawumba CD from high school that you still own because…well, you’re not really sure why you still have this thing, really. :/

5. Make a pencil/pen holder

This is assumes you have a problem like the writer of this list has of losing his pens and pencils and never finding them again. It’s another thing to rage over, just like a busted bracket. End the misery and make this responsible holder of writing devices. Come on, do this you don’t have to pull more money out of your tacky paper wallet for new pens and pencils.

6. Give them to your kids

Image result for child drawing gif

Remember when you were a child and you just couldn’t find paper to doodle on for the life of you? Trust me, that problem still exists today. Besides, there’s no better reason to give your child/grandchild/nephew/niece your bracket other than the satisfaction of watching little Timmy draw a big red Sun over that Number 1 seed you thought for sure was going to win it all, but got bounced early to some school you’re pretty sure isn’t real.

7. Stuff them away somewhere for future use

Image result for scratch paper gif

You know that problem kids have with finding scratch pieces of paper to write on? It exists for adults, too. Flip over the bracket to the blank side, then pull it out years later to write the confirmation number of your phone payment to those miserable hags at the collection agency who won’t get off your back.

8. Shred them

Image result for shredding paper cat gif

There’s a good chance that you’re going to need to put something in a box and ship it later. And there’s an even better chance that you’ll want that item to actually arrive intact. So give your shredder a workout and save that paper for when you sell that antique vase you bought at a thrift store that your husband just can’t seem to wrap his head around.

9. Make a shotgun

Because ‘Murica.


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