Elkhart woman tracked down by K9 officer in Cass County, Michigan

(Photo supplied/Cass County Sheriff's Department)

An Elkhart woman had to be tracked down by a K-9 officer after allegedly causing a crash in Cass County, Michigan.

The unidentified woman allegedly was driving drunk and crashed her vehicle in the Lakeside Campground near Jones, Michigan shortly before 7 p.m. Saturday, according to the Cass County Sheriff’s Department.

The 43-year-old woman got into an argument with witnesses after the crash and took off into the woods, according to police.

K-9 officer Faust and other officers tracked the woman into the woods for about 10 minutes. She was found laying down in the woods by Faust.

After being treated for minor injuries at the scene, the woman was taken to Cass County Jail. She’s charged with operating while intoxicated causing a crash, driving with an open container of alcohol and leaving the scene of a crash.


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