Abandoned Deer Forest property in Coloma listed for sale


Coloma’s Deer Forest property is looking pretty rough these days. Now, it’s for sale.

A lot of people in the area grew up hearing the jingle that promised you could feed the deer, ride the ponies, and more. And they grew up doing just that. The park property is now an eyesore, overgrown with weeds and filled with worn-down buildings, according to ABC 57.

But Deer Forest in Coloma has been closed for almost three years now, after allegations of animal abuse. Today, all 32 acres can now be yours for $600,000.

Some in the community tell ABC 57 that they are hopeful that their childhood memory won’t be turned into condos, a brewery, or perhaps homes.

There are currently no offers on the table for the Deer Forest property. The property was sold at an auction in 2015 for $150,000.


  1. WOW! Only a 400% mark up from the auction price. Good luck with that sale. Coloma isn’t exactly Chicago or Detroit.

  2. I just sent you a note but forgot to include my email address should you want it for any reason because of the photo I have of my brothers and sisters and me when we were 5-9 years old and it had to have been about 1949 or 1950. I would be happy share it with you if you are interesed.

    Thanks, Phyllis (Underwood) Sponseller


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