Mishawaka man sentenced to 16 years in prison for brutally raping woman


A man accused of detaining and brutally attacking a woman in St. Joseph County was sentenced on Wednesday.

Douglas Wood pleaded guilty to attacking the woman for several hours, and was handed a sentence of 16 years in prison. ABC 57 reports that the judge in the case called his crime “one of the worst things I can imagine” when making her decision on the charges.

Court records indicate that Wood restrained, beat, and raped a woman for more than a day, including forcing her to agree to marry him.

Wood has faced a number of charges and convictions, including crimes against women, since 2010. He pleaded guilty to aggravated battery, criminal confinement, and intimidation in this case.


  1. I really dislike that we are turning to criminality in the prison system to see justice. We should see it swinging from a rope in the town square.

    Not cruel, not unusual…justice.


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