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19 easy ways to save at least $30 this month

Boys & Girls Club of Elkhart helps kids and their families learn how to save money. Help them continue that mission by donating $25 to the new Boys & Girls Club in Elkhart today.

By: Boys & Girls Club of Elkhart

Boys & Girls Club of Elkhart teaches kids how to save money with financial literacy programs. Here are 19 easy ways you can save money too! You could save up to $30 or more if you do everything on this list.

1. Make your own coffee and breakfast at home

The best way to start your day is with a healthy breakfast… and coffee is definitely involved! Save yourself money (and time) by making a pot of coffee and enjoying a quick breakfast at home.

2. Plan your meals for the week and go shopping for only the things you need

This will save you from spending money on food that goes bad before you get a chance to eat it. It could also save you time by not having to make last minute trips to the store for ingredients you’ve run out of.

3. Use the latest grocery store ad to plan your meals around the sales

It’s an extra step, but it’s worth it when you can save several dollars on food you know you’ll eat.

4. Sign up for rebate apps like Ibotta, Checkout51 Savingstar

These free apps allow you to get rebates of anywhere from 25 cents to $15 on items you’re probably already buying — all you have to do is scan your receipt.

5. Put $5 in your savings account every week

You probably won’t ever notice that $5 “missing” from your regular spending, but it will add up fast. After six weeks, you’ll have $30 saved. After a whole year, you’ll have $260!

6. Clean out your closets and basement and have a yard sale for the things you don’t need

Who doesn’t love a yard sale? You may not have a need for some items you’ve loved in the past, but someone else could!

7. Invite friends to your house for a potluck dinner instead of going out

Not only will you save money by not going to a restaurant, you’ll get to try a variety of food made by the people you love.

8. Eat more meals at home than in restaurants or at the drive-thru

Dining out for one person can add up fast — and it gets so much more expensive when you’re feeding a family. Skipping the drive-thru lane even once in favor of a homemade meal can save a family of four up to $20.

9. Cancel memberships and services you don’t use

When was the last time you read the magazine you’re subscribed to? Are you spending more time exercising outside than in the gym during the summer?  Do you ever get a chance to watch those 500 cable channels? Don’t pay for what you aren’t using.

10. Shop at consignment shops and apps like ThredUp

You can often find brand new and like-new clothes for you and the whole family at 40 percent off or more.

11. Eat leftovers

Don’t throw out that extra food. Reheat it the next day for lunch or dinner or include it in a different recipe, like leftover fajita veggies in scrambled eggs.

12. Bring your own lunch to work or school

Wondering when you’ll eat those leftovers? Taking them to work or school is an easy way to do it. You can also “brown bag” pre-made lunches for a lot less money than a trip to a restaurant, cafe or drive-thru lane on your lunch break.

13. Check out free and low-cost events happening in the area

Chances are there are a lot of fun things happening near you that are free — but you’re missing them because you’re focused on what you usually do. Pretend you’ve never visited your town and look for cheap and free things to do. Not only will you save money on entertainment, you’ll likely discover something new and cool about where you live.

14. Read more books

Your local library is a great resource of almost unlimited hours of entertainment for free, no matter what topics you’re interested in.

15. Take walks around your neighborhood

How will this help you save money? Well for one, it’s free entertainment. It also could make you healthier, which could help you cut down on healthcare costs over time.

16. Look for coupons — and actually use them

It’s a lot easier than you think to find coupons for almost anything you want to buy, especially if you’re buying things online. Google coupons and coupon codes before you make any purchases or ask the sales clerk for the latest mail ad. Chances are you’ll find a coupon for at least 10 percent off.

17. Plant a garden

Packets of seeds and vegetable starters are fairly inexpensive, and you can get hundreds of dollars worth of produce out of them in a single season.

18. Turn off your lights and program your thermostat according to your daily schedule

Your energy bill could get really expensive, especially when it’s very hot, but with a little planning you can save several dollars every month with almost no inconvenience to you.

19. Dry your clothes on a line instead of the dryer

This will help keep your energy bill low too, as well as make your clothes last longer.

Now that you’ve saved money, invest some of it into the future by donating $25 to the new Boys & Girls Club opening soon in Elkhart.

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