South Bend Int’l Airport launches new “fly local” campaign

("20120218 17 South Bend Airport" by David Wilson, CC BY 2.0)

South Bend International Airport is hoping that a new “fly local” campaign will have a 100 million-dollar impact on the community.

Airport leaders are urging local businesses to fly their employees out of the South Bend Airport rather than traveling to Chicago or Indianapolis.

“Project Propel” is designed to motivate people to use the local airport more, and directly impact the economy of South Bend.

Flying locally would also make it easier for South Bend to add more direct routes to Washington DC and Denver, Colorado – and to begin bringing in larger aircraft.

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  1. If they really want this to happen they will need to revise the ticket pricing.
    Don’t see the airlines doing this anytime soon. Typically it is a $200 premium to fly round trip out of SBN.


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