Recent poll shows Mayor Pete leading Democratic field, also ahead of President Trump

Democratic presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg, from South Bend, Indiana, listens during a lunch meeting with civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton at Sylvia's Restaurant in Harlem neighborhood of New York, Monday, April 29, 2019. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews, Pool)

South Bend Mayor and presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is leading in the Democratic field, and is also ahead of President Donald Trump.

That’s according to a recent poll of Buttigieg’s South Bend constituents.

The results also show the city’s non-white voters approve of his time in office.

The poll was conducted by Change Research from December 16-18, had a sample size of 406 South Bend voters, and a margin of error of 4.8%. The poll targeted 2019 mayoral voters – 88% of respondents said they voted in the 2019 mayor’s race.

According to the poll, Democratic primary candidates are ranked as follows:

  • Pete Buttigieg (26%)
  • Joe Biden (18%)
  • Bernie Sanders (17%)
  • Elizabeth Warren (16%)

When asked if “life in South Bend as a result of Mayor Pete has generally gotten better,” 70% of respondents answered “yes.” Among non-white voters, the percentage rises to 76%.

When asked about the mayor’s handling of the South Bend Police officer-involved shooting of Eric Logan, respondents generally approved of his actions by a 3-to-1 margin. 55% approved, 15% disapproved and 31% were uncertain.

Among non-white voters, 48% approved, 16% disapproved and 36% were uncertain.

Buttigieg’s mayoral term will end on January 1, 2020.



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