Governor Holcomb extends the Indiana stay-at-home order for two more weeks

(Photo supplied/State Of Indiana) Governor Eric Holcomb, delivering his 4th annual State of the State address on Jan. 14, 2020.

Governor Holcomb wants Hoosiers to continue to hunker down.

Friday afternoon, Holcomb said he’s extending the stay-at-home order for residents and non-essential businesses by another two weeks.

That takes Indiana’s order to April 20.

This is one of the latest steps the state government has taken to attempt to fight the potential spread of COVID-19.

The governor also extended the state’s public health emergency order for another 30 days.


  1. You suck declaring rvs essential….doing nothing more than causing this to spread with working in such tight quarters and handling of things. What a joke!

  2. He needs to tell landlords they will be getting appartment rent or lot rent if nobody can pay cuz plants are shut down and stop the late fee charges and evictions..seems like the government is protecting landlords

    • I Agree with both of you Brent Mishler and Steve Blane they do need to shut down all factories including the RV industry and yes the landlords should be getting only lot rent instead of full months rent im paying 850+ at Cobus Green mobile park and my lot rent is like 301 or something but I think it’s only fair that they should only get lot rent until this pandemic is resolved


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